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Here's how we got our first 10 customers for our extension

Hey everyone! I wanted to share how we got our first 10 paying customers for RedCom AI. For those who don't know, RedCom is a comment engagement tool for Reddit. Our target audience for the tool are SaaS websites, eCom products, promoting client sites and increasing brand searches.

Ok so here's a what we did:

Launching on Product Hunt

First, we launched RedCom on Product Hunt. We knew this would give us a good initial boost, so we made sure to do it right. We used a renowned hunter to launch the tool, which really helped us get noticed. If you’re looking for a good hunter, check out this site where you can find hunters for your product launch. The launch got us some great visibility and our first wave of users.

I think 'anyone' that is starting out should always launch on Product Hunt. It definitely helps with the initial batch of users, feedback or even some paying customers.

Reaching Out to YouTubers

Next, we reached out to YouTubers who had already made videos about getting traffic using Reddit commenting strategies. We offered them free yearly access to RedCom and many of them were happy to test and review it. Their reviews brought in a lot of traffic and helped build credibility for our tool.

DM’ing People on Twitter (Still Twitter for me :P)

We also took to Twitter, DM’ing people who had posted about using Reddit as a channel to get traffic. You can do a quick search on Twitter using your target keyword and reach out to ppl talking something similar to what you've built and reach out to them. I'd even go a step further and provide free yearly access to get feedback.

Now they didn't post about our tool but we did get two agencies onboarded that were doing marketing on Reddit for their clients. So that was a pretty huge win.

Sponsorships on Newsletters

We did two sponsorships on marketing and AI newsletters. The average that we paid for a paid placement was $500. Now, in terms of the results, we mostly got light usage users that were just trying the tool for their own websites. For the amount of money we paid, we barely had an ROI. This was the first time that I used paid placement on newsletters to see its results. Maybe it works best for high ticket products or tools.

If you're looking for authentic newsletters, check out Passionfroot.

One of the biggest wins for us while marketing the tool was getting a few Reddit marketing agencies on board. These agencies use RedCom at scale for their clients, making them our biggest revenue-generating customers.

When we started, we thought our main target users were solo entrepreneurs and indiehackers that wanted to generate traffic for their side projects or tools. But turns out its these agencies that are already doing this exact Reddit strategy for their clients. They were doing things at scale but manually on spreadsheets which is something our tool solves and makes the whole engagement on Reddit fast and scalable.

Let me know which strategies have worked for getting your first paying customers 👇

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on June 7, 2024
  1. 2

    Great insights, Dawood! 🌟 It's impressive how you leveraged different channels to get your first 10 customers for RedCom AI. Launching on Product Hunt was a smart move, and reaching out to YouTubers really helped build credibility. One suggestion: maybe try more targeted sponsorships or smaller niche newsletters to get a better ROI. Thanks for sharing your journey, and best of luck with growing RedCom AI!

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for the pointers!

      I am planning on going for more smaller newsletters and that are related to what we do. Will test and report back

  2. 2

    Great work! Definitely gonna steal some of these ideas as I get a little further into developing an extension idea I’m working on. Congrats on your first customers!

    1. 1

      Hey Joshua, glad you liked it!

      And good luck with your extension

  3. 1

    Neat approaches! Thank you for sharing.

    Wow, did you get the 2 agencies from Twitter DM's? (If I understand that right.)

    Were they cold/template DMs? Or personalised?

    1. 2

      Yeah we did and it was a cold DM

      I first made a list of profiles that were super relevant to our tool and were doing the task manually. Reached out to them about our tool and provided a free yearly access to test.

      1. 2

        Same thing here, Twitter is great for marketing and forming communities! our tool goleko did really well there!!

        1. 1

          It's an utilized marketing channel and has great potential if used correctly

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